What we do

We’ve always believed that walls are surfaces for limitless decoration. We produce beautiful, creative wallpapers that explore what imagination can bring to the shapes and surfaces that surround us. We use our distinctly British style to nudge historical classicism, and 18th century Chinoiserie into the 21st century. Equally we create wholly new, utterly contemporary works. We like to be playful. We love to try something new. And we adore the idea of making people feel good through unique works of decorative art wonderfully crafted.

Who we are

We are Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes, supported by an incredible team of designers and skilled artisans in the UK and China. We launched Fromental in 2005, intent on making the world’s most exquisite wallpapers, fabrics and accessories. We have become known for our elaborate and hand-embroidered designs, with artists spending up to 600 hours elegantly painting and stitching individual panels. We are restless and continue our exploration of materials, techniques and pattern to always produce something new and surprising.

How we do it

We deliver a bespoke design service aimed at bringing every wall to life in its own way. Each design starts in the studio and is hand drawn and hand-made before moving into production. We create wallcoverings with longevity and eternal appeal, where every project has its own character and its own special way to surprise, whatever the space, large or small. Everything we produce comes from a deep study of the decorative arts of the past and our mission is to extend that tradition.

What we’ve achieved

We are a totally design-led company and we’re proud to say that our wallcoverings now adorn some of the most prestigious commercial and residential properties across the globe and are held in museum collections.

It’s all about the idea.

Goldoni in Hayward © Antoine Rozes
Goldoni in Hayward © Antoine Rozes
Eric Egan Piazza
Eric Egan Piazza