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Crafting Beauty: The Story Behind Ammaliare, our new collaboration with Jessica Jubelirer

Jessica Jubelirer is a renowned American designer known for her projects across the country that celebrate craftsmanship, function, and beauty. She's a longtime collaborator with Fromental on projects ranging from special family getaways to beachside pied-à-terres and casual yet elevated city homes.

In our interview with Jessica, discover more about her projects that incorporate custom wallcoverings by Fromental, read her thoughts on craftsmanship, and get her take on what makes Fromental wallcoverings so special.

Your projects with Fromental blend the realms of interior design and bespoke wallcoverings, creating uniquely immersive spaces. Could you share your perspective on what draws you to these collaborative projects and what unique outcomes or transformations they bring to your work?

Our ability to create architectural interiors layered with artistic materials results in comprehensive and unique designs. Each project is an opportunity to tear up the script and reinvent it. Our studio thrives on creating from scratch, using our depth and skill to integrate interior architecture with handmade materials. This approach allows us to thoughtfully consider every aspect of a project, producing detailed and artistic spaces.

Fromental is a frequent collaborator due to our shared vision for beauty and appreciation of the decorative arts. This collaboration allowed us to create a wallcovering that is truly unique, embodying the artistry, beauty, and quality that Fromental is known for.

What does the name "Ammaliare" mean, and how does it reflect the essence of the design?

Ammaliare, an Italian word meaning "to charm" or "to enchant," perfectly describes this paper's rich elements. The textured silk, warm colors, and hand-embroidered and hand-painted flowers invite all the senses to touch, feel, and take in its layered and detailed beauty.

After many months spent sourcing new materials, experimenting with ideas, and developing new techniques, we’re delighted to present Ammaliare. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Ammaliare and how this exciting collaboration with Fromental came about?

Having collaborated with Fromental for many years on special commissions, this project was a natural continuation of our excellent working relationship and shared love of the decorative arts, bringing our collective vision to life.

The paper itself is truly beautiful. The design emerged from studying the work of Christian Bérard, my love of hand-embroidery, and our fresh take on American design. The stylized hand-painted and embroidered floral motifs dance across the slubbed silk wallpaper that we meticulously sourced. The scale of the paper is modern and versatile, fitting seamlessly in a relaxed family new build, a chic city apartment, or an elegant country estate. It can be a defining element in a minimalist space or layered into an eclectic interior. Ammaliare is a fresh take on painted paper and a work of art in itself.

Striking a balance between functionality and aesthetics can be challenging. How do you approach this in your designs to ensure that spaces are both beautiful and practical?

Considering the rhythms of a home, daily rituals, and patterns inspires us to build functional solutions within a beautiful setting. My goal is for my projects to provide a stunning backdrop to modern life. For example, this intimate washroom features beautiful cabinetry with ample storage, a cozy chair by the tub for moments of pause, and elegant window treatments that provide privacy while allowing sunlight to filter in. Of course, the transportive Ammaliare wallcovering envelops the space, creating a beautiful, private cocoon.

Materiality was something we discussed very early in the process. Why was this so important to you? Can you describe the process of sourcing new materials and developing new techniques for Ammaliare to ensure it not only looks good but also invites people to touch it?

The magic of this collaboration lies in creating a textured paper that incorporates embroidery to achieve a unique hand-painted effect. The result is a paper that invites interaction and touch, drawing you in and inspiring endless lingering. It's comfortable, easy, perfectly balanced, and not overwhelming. It's a livable work of art whose timeless beauty will endure for decades.

The process of creating this paper was a collaborative effort between artists. It began with my love of texture and materiality, aiming to create a wallcovering with the warmth of fabric but the practicality of paper. Embroidery, one of my favorite decorative arts, was incorporated in a fresh and modern way. The main goal was to bring the texture of embroidery to life in a paper, and that is what sets this paper apart. The hand-painting came last, once we had finalized the inspiration.

We talked about the importance of the unknown artist. What role does craftsmanship play in your work, and why is it important to you?

Growing up with a mother who was a weaver, I gained an appreciation for textile art, handmade materials, and design artistry at an early age. My appreciation for craftsmanship is central to all our projects. Beautiful artistry stands the test of time, allowing my projects to be timeless and steeped in quality.

The earthy mid-century tones in Ammaliare lend a feeling of coziness and warmth. How do these tones contribute to the overall ambiance of a space?

The olives, terracottas, and sand details found throughout Ammaliare make the paper feel soft and natural. These serene colors draw you in without overpowering. They inject warmth into a space yet are neutral enough so that the paper can blend seamlessly into many environments and styles.

As a designer constantly in pursuit of inspiration, who are some of your biggest influences for this design, both within and outside the design world?

I have found that inspiration is everywhere. Our design work is always highly personal to the client, drawing inspiration from their garden, childhood home, favorite travel destination, and, above all, their personal story. I am inspired by authenticity and individuality.

Can you share a specific project where you plan to use Ammaliare and describe the impact you expect it to have on the space?

In a Palm Beach pied-à-terre project, I will set Ammaliare into incredible Gio Ponti-inspired paneling. This wallpaper provides a beautiful, layered background without overshadowing the warm, rich interior that features a variety of styles.

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