Fromental’s ‘Rockface’ is inspired by Chinese mountain landscapes and scholars’ rocks. This custom version has been re-imagined; hand-painted and hand-glazed, the metallic lines define the rugged beauty of the mountainous landscape. The custom palette consists of neutral tones combined with stronger hues of pink and burgundy. Marta Sala Éditions furniture designed by architects Lazzarini&Pickering have been chosen in style and colour palette as dialogue with the wallcovering. In the European style, the room is set with a series of statement seats each showcasing the various techniques and materials used to create the richness of the pragmatic designs. The Elisabeth sofa, one of the iconic pieces from Marta Sala Éditions will be presented in a beautiful mauve lix linen fabric. At his feet the Ludovico carpet, chiselled vegetable silk with brass details on which floats the Lavinia armchair and pouf in a soft white Duke Mohair velvet from Pierre Frey. The Duda families and the poufs René and Tancredi with their gold-plated frames are also featured alongside the Guya standing lamps, which add vertical depth to the décor. THE DRAWING ROOM