Fromental and Marta Sala Éditions launch their collaboration for Paris Design Week 2021, with the installation “La Rentrée”, hosted in Marta Sala’s private Parisian apartment, September 9th - 18th. In a refreshing return to the city, Fromental have installed two statement designs in striking colourways to enhance the Drawing Room and Study of this glorious Saint-Germain-des-Prés interior. The Bedroom and Raineri Room remain decorated in the designs introduced for Paris Deco Off 2020. “The exuberance and optimism of nature in full bloom is presented through the medium of silk paint embroidery and expressed in colours ranging from soft Parma violet to bright neon green. Fromental believe in the restorative power of nature and it’s positive influence which can be experienced via the beauty of the decorative arts.” Lizzie Deshayes Co-Founder and Design Director Fromental “We are returning to Paris with the spirit of rejuvenation, density of textiles, colour and passion for design.” Marta Sala LA RENTRÉE September 2021 12 rue Jacob, 75006 Paris MARTA SA L A ÉD I T I ONS L E F T - HAND IMAGE Prunus in Gouldian