About Fromental Fromental is an award-winning, hand-painted and hand-embroidered wallcoverings atelier. Designed in London and brought to life by our skilled artisans in China, Fromental brings an inspirational design edge to traditional decorative arts, creating modern, yet timeless wall coverings. With showrooms in each major territory, Fromental creates unique works of art for their clients with each handmade panel demonstrating a distinctive creative style. About Marta Sala Éditions With a family history steeped in architecture and design, Azucena, Marta Sala founded Marta Sala Éditions in 2015. Éditions means producing pieces which are architecturally inspired and formed for functionally. For MSÉ’s first collection, Marta collaborated with Lazzarini&Pickering, a duo of architects based in Rome and has since released several collections, each one as exquisite and well thought out as the last. Working closely with selected Italian craftsmen, Marta oversees the manufacture and quality control required from bespoke pieces of furniture. Notes to editors - for further information please contact: Fromental Global Head of Marketing: Victoria Murray - Marta Sala Éditions: Marta Sala - R I GHT - HAND IMAGE Raineri in Pavone looking through to Hayward on Goldoni