Michael Berman

The Michael Berman for Fromental wallcovering collection pays homage to the cinematic films, art and objects that are synonymous with Art Deco styling. Collaborating with Fromental, Berman was inspired to revisit the elegance and glamour of the design rich Art Deco era through a contemporary lens.

Berman’s modern take on the high-styled pastiche of this period calls in the jazz age graphics of the 1920s, linear patterns and silhouettes of the ‘30s and floral softness and sensibilities of the 1940s, all created through the ethos of Fromental.

This collection, comprised of eight patterns, each of which is available in various colorways, employs dramatic eye shadow metallics such as ‘moondust’ and ‘mica’ hand applied as background washes that create subtle striation and luminous reflected surfaces that dance with the light. It is the blending of early 20th century aesthetics with a modern vision that define this original 21st century wallpaper collection.