Celebrating their 180th Year as an ‘ensemblier décorateur’ Rinck announce their collaboration with Fromental and the launch of the hand-painted silk wallcovering ‘The Classicist Sketchbook.’

The collaboration between the two houses developed through a shared passion for the history of art and craftsmanship.  Understanding that historic references bring depth and longevity to a design, Rinck’s president Valentin Goux drew inspiration from the company’s woodcarving studio and the large-scale draftsman’s sketches of decorative molds used in their interior projects. Rendered with two different coloured lines to illustrate the depth of the mold, the sketches express the size and detailing of ornamentation in the wood and in bronze casts.  Working with Rinck’s textile designer Bertille Goux, the original sketches were redrawn and then placed across a repeat of three panels creating the effect of a page from a designer’s sketchbook.

“The harmony of the placement of the ornamentation across the panels, the use of the two graphic lines on a coloured background and the dynamism of the drawings showcases Rinck as both classical and modern.” Lizzie Deshayes and Tim Butcher co-founders Fromental

“Working with our heritage and looking through our archives, we know we are classicists, but this does not mean we cannot have fun. In ‘The Classicist Sketchbook’ blending the graphic lines with three colours brings an element of pop culture to the design.” Valentin Goux president, Rinck.

Rinck, the renowned interior architecture and design firm, is considered one of the great stewards of French craftsmanship and decorative patrimony. The family company, founded in 1841, incorporates historic workshops where design and creation come together under the direction of Valentin Goux. Rinck taps into their workshops’ range of artistic and technical expertise to conceive and fully realize interiors informed by venerable traditions as a catalyst for contemporary creativity. With the design studio based in Paris, the company remains true to the specialist skills of France’s different regions—with the joinery and boiserie workshops based in the south and the cabinetry workshop in the country’s northeast.  This knowledge, honed over centuries, allows Rinck to collaborate with select partners on prestigious projects around the world.