What we do

Our beautiful, creative, captivating wallpapers are handmade using exquisite craftsmanship not seen since the 18th/19th centuries, whether it be painting, embroidery, collage or a combination of all three.

How we do it

In order to use the best painters and embroiderers we located our manufacturing in Suzhou, close to Wuxi, the centre of China’s silk industry. While the tradition of these skills has sadly almost disappeared from Europe, these ancient crafts of painting and embroidery continue to be passed down from generation to generation in this part of China – for over 2500 years. The papers are hand-painted on silk, paper or velvet before being part or fully embroidered in silk, with artists spending up to 600 hours stitching individual panels.

We believe our highly decorative and beautifully produced wallpapers truly bring walls to life. We deliver a bespoke design service. Our range of designs can also be adapted and colour schemes planned for. For the totally individual look we also undertake commissions.

Find out more about the history of silk, Chinese painting, wallpaper and embroidery.

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