Our products are sold directly through our offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Shenzhen, China as well as via interiors showrooms around the world. Please contact your closest Fromental office who will advise of the most convenient location.
All Fromental wallpapers are bespoke, supplied in custom-sized panels uniquely tailored to perfectly fit a client’s space.
Please contact one of our offices and an account manager will gladly handle your enquiry. Once you’ve chosen a design, we’ll send standard samples, layouts and photos of similar projects. You’ll then need to supply elevations and measurements of the space and we can provide an estimated cost.
Lead times vary per project however most painted designs and plains take roughly 8-12 weeks once the order has been confirmed.
We can customize both the colour and the design according to your requirements. You can also decide on the amount and placement of embroidery and/or other finishes.
This can be costly and time-consuming; the development process often takes 4-6 months prior to production. Substantial commitment and input from the client’s design studio is essential in order to fulfill a totally custom brief. The results can be stunning and are by definition, totally unique.
We always recommend a professional paper hanger to install our wallpaper and can provide a list of those local to you.
Our products are hand-made using natural materials and are delicate. However, with proper care, they will remain in good condition for many years.

For loose dust, a dry cloth or vacuum can be used for removal. If further cleaning is required, a very clean and slightly damp sponge or cloth can be used to dab the surface. No soaps or detergents should be used on the silk. The paints used are stable enough to withstand a gentle wipe. If continued soaking or vigorous rubbing is applied, the paint will smudge. Some brighter colours will be less stable.

The result of any cleaning process is entirely dependent on the stain, for this reason, no guarantees can be given. If a stain cannot be removed and permanent damage to the wall covering has occurred, there are options to remedy the situation and we’ll do our utmost to ensure your continued satisfaction with the installation. The repair will usually include appliqué painting of further design in order to hide the mark.
If a colourway is standard, we have sampling in stock however if a colourway is archive or custom, sampling may not be immediately available.