Collaborating with Raynaud for Paradis Porcelain Tableware

Raynaud has created a new porcelain collection Paradis inspired by the exoticism of our chinoiserie wallpaper.

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Exquisitely decorated with butterflies, birds of paradise, flora and fauna, the set comprises over one hundred pieces including a Chinese tea cup, a buffet plate, a pickle dish and a Sundae cup.

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Handmade in France, Raynaud has been recognised as the finest in porcelain for generations. Their designs have developed from work with world-renowned artists such as Dali and Cocteau, blending a respect for tradition with bold creations.

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Following on from their tradition of creating collections with an Oriental influence during the mid 19th century, Raynaud is revisiting the experience, bringing Fromental’s uniquely modern take on chinoiserie to porcelain. The wallpaper patterns have been transferred to streamlined shapes with the focus and the way they are centred varying according to each piece.

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The main pieces are in turquoise, with a multi-coloured pattern enhanced by a metallic coloured background, echoing the woven effect of wallpaper.

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