Fromental is committed to designing beautifully handcrafted wallcoverings; we combine traditional, artisanal techniques with natural materials with a limited environmental impact in order to support the planet and the wellbeing of future generations.

Our legacy is bound to environmental awareness and here are a few ways in which we remain true to this statement:

  • Fromental is dedicated to sustaining the traditional skills of hand-painting and hand- embroidery to create their wallcoverings. The tradition of skilled silk painters and hand embroidery has remained unchanged in China for a millennium. We locate our studios where these historic crafts remain available.
  • Fromental supply custom wallcoverings which are made to order, resulting in minimum wastage and no stock holding.
  • As part of the Fromental aftercare service our silk wallcoverings an be removed from the wall, be re-backed and customised for re-use.
  • Fromental use silks which are created by the cultivation process of the domesticated silkworm, an inherently sustainable process. Crop rotation has been mastered and used for centuries to retain the health of the local soils.
  • The traditional ‘xuan’ (rice) papers used for our wallcoverings utilise natural food by-products.
  • Our suppliers of silks comply to the GB 4287-2012, China’s Environmental Protection Law, conforming to the production methods required in the textile dyeing and finishing industry and the improvement of pollution control technology.
  • Fromental’s wallcoverings are inherently low in weight and freight shipped by FedEx . As part of our corporate responsibility Fromental regularly reviews the sustainability and admissions programme released by FedEx.
  • Fromental’s office and studio locations follow the recommended recycling procedures for each country where they are based.
  • Packaging of Fromental’s wallcoverings is primarily cardboard and paper materials.