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Fromental wallcovering at Christie’s Lates

This December, Christie’s Lates celebrates the art of craftsmanship. We are delighted to have installed our wallcoverings in the world-famous auction house. Experience all of Fromental's artistry with our stunning hand-painted and embroidered Paradiso and Nandina designs. Emma Ford, senior designer, will make a demonstration of live painting throughout the evening.

Combining art, music and specialist talks, Christie’s Lates are the perfect opportunity to mix with like-minded art lovers after hours. Each curated evening aims to bring art to life and inspire conversation, showcasing highlights from the upcoming auctions alongside interactive activities, guest talks by experts, and enticing food and drink.
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On the main walls we'll be displaying our Nandina hand-painted in Indigo Silk.

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Our Chinoiserie designs align a strong Chinese heritage with contemporary colour combinations. A variety of oriental fauna and flora are rendered in rich shades of brown against an indigo, raw silk background. Embroidered details use the finest silk to enhance this grand colour palette, catching the light to create truly a three-dimensional feel.

On the floating wall, we'll be displaying our Paradiso hand-painted and hand-embroidered on Bourbon Silk

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