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Beautiful things are just a moment away.

We’re thrilled to offer a selection of our designs to buy now at our online store. These include standard runs of some of our best-loved wallpapers and a serene collection of framed artworks made in collaboration with Sophie Paterson.

Excitingly, we’ve been working with Parisian interior architects Rinck to create a small (but sumptuous) furniture collection featuring our tapestry and upholstery. It’s coming very soon, so do keep an eye out.


Express yourself with a customised wallcovering.

If you’d like to personalise one of our existing designs, we’d be delighted to help. We have a wide selection of colourways to choose from, or we can craft a unique combination just for you.

We’ll tailor the placement of the design elements too, so they fit perfectly in your space, working around features such as fireplaces. Perhaps you’d like blue jays flying over doors and windows, or a plum tree sprawling up a staircase.

Whatever your goal, ours is to make the process not just simple but enjoyable too. We’ll guide you through from start to finish, offering regular updates as well as help and advice whenever you need it.


A one-off creation just for you.

Whether you have a crystal clear concept or the mere kernel of an idea, we can help transform it into a beautiful bespoke wallcovering that will bring you joy for decades to come.

Previous projects include a hand-painted Canton River Scene for the King’s Observatory and an eccentric yet elegant scenic for the lobby at The Goring. The sky is very much the limit.