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Harris Reed and Demi Moore at the Met Gala

Demi Moore and Harris Reed were a vision of beauty at the MET Gala, leaving all in awe. For many designers, the MET Gala marks the pinnacle of the year, and Harris Reed is no stranger to its allure.

This year, Reed joined forces with acclaimed actress Demi Moore, showcasing his unparalleled flair. "I thought a lot of people were going to interpret this year's theme delicately, with lace and sheer fabrics falling apart." Reed revealed "I wanted the opposite approach. I wanted her to look like she was in full bloom for just a moment before beginning to decay, like any flower."

Moore's gown, a breathtaking masterpiece, was crafted from an extraordinary Fromental archived peony design, patiently awaiting its moment in our archives for nearly two decades. Lavished with over 400 hours of meticulous embroidery, the gown was a profound interpretation of the gala's 2024 theme, 'The Garden of Time.' Drawing inspiration from J.G. Ballard’s evocative narrative, the gown not only captured the ephemeral nature of beauty but also emerged as a definitive highlight on the red carpet.

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