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'What the Luxe' Podcast with Matter of Form

When Matter Of Form invited Tim and Lizzie to share our story on the "What The Luxe" podcast, we were thrilled. In the latest episode, "The Compulsive Pursuit of Beauty in Craft," Tim and Lizzie sit down with Fred Moore to delve into the heart of Fromental.

Through our conversation, we invited listeners to explore our design philosophy, on the innate fun of creation, the nuances of taste in designing for designers and how crafting beautiful things is a compulsive and human act. We reveal the essence of luxury and our unwavering commitment to beauty. What The Luxe is a series dedicated to reframing ideas of luxury, subverting conventions that no longer serve the sector and imagining what's next with a lineup of the industry's best. Hosted by Matter Of Form leaders, Anant Sharma & Fred Moore.

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