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A curated selection of exquisite wallcoverings to transform your space. From modern chinoiserie designs like Magnolia Canopy to playful safari scenes in Safari, each wallpaper offers a unique blend of elegance and charm. Customisation options available. Explore the collection now and order samples to discover your perfect match.

Peter Rabbit ™ in Felbrigg Gardens

Available in 7 variants Wallcovering

Along The Wild Path in Dusk Printed

Available in 2 variants Wallcovering

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Explore our 'Playful' collection, where imagination knows no bounds. From the enchanting scenes of Peter Rabbit™ in Belton House to the whimsical elegance of Haiku inspired by traditional Japanese art, each wallcovering tells a unique story. Dive into a world of vibrant colours, intricate designs, and captivating motifs that bring joy to any space. Enquire for samples and let your creativity roam free.


Where simplicity meets sophistication. Explore understated elegance with designs like Babinda in Fourier, offering harmonious shades of platinum, or Bamboo Lights in Aspen, capturing the graceful movement of light through bamboo stems. Each wallcovering, from Rain in Virga to Untitled I in Ives, presents a refined aesthetic that elevates any space.


Introducing our "Classicist" collection, where timeless elegance meets refined sophistication. From the romantic hues of Bismark in Milton to the grandeur of Bucolic in Saxe, each wallcovering pays homage to classical artistry and traditional motifs. Explore our meticulously crafted designs, including Carp and Moon in Kyoto, Paradiso in Fern, and Roxy Mountain in Avalon, and transform your space with the enduring beauty of classical aesthetics. Enquire now for samples and orders, with customisation options available.


Explore the "Romantic" collection, featuring enchanting wallcoverings inspired by nature's beauty and the allure of romance. From delicate butterflies to blooming magnolias, each design evokes a sense of elegance and whimsy. Customisation is available. Enquire for samples & orders now.


A bold embodiment of artistry and bespoke luxury. From the vibrant Ambia inspired by Wifredo Lam's La Jungla, to the intricate chinoiserie of Bismark, and the abstract drama of Bruyère, each piece is a testament to maximalist design. With custom options, these wallcoverings by Natalia Miyar, Eric Egan, and Fromental artists blend historical reverence with modern opulence. Discover hand-painted silks, metallic foils, and unique textures in our dynamic range. Ideal for discerning interiors, where every detail tells a story of craftsmanship and bold aesthetic choices.


An ethereal collection of hand-painted wallcoverings capturing the essence of dreams. From the delicate moonlit hues of 'Along The Wild Path in Dusk' to the enchanting cherry blossoms of 'Branches in the Breeze,' each design invites you to wander through whimsical landscapes and timeless elegance.

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