Rain in Virga

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Referencing the simple lines of Paul Poiret dresses of the 1920's and their exquisite detailing, Rain emulates a soft summer rainfall with metallic threads, hand-embroidered on an ombré silk. The design is one of the first to be produced between our London Studio and Studio Partners in Calcutta, India.

Shimmering silver and platinum threads fall densely from the top of the design. Lines of 'droplets' fade into scattered, glistening details with the gradated ombré Ivory silk background fully exposed in the lower half of the design. A subtle and elegant embroidered colourway.

Alternative colourways

SKU CODE: R054-01

STANDARD: Printed ground and Hand Embroidered on Tussah silk with paper backing

REPEAT: Non-repeating

PANEL WIDTH: Standard panel width 915mm plus 15mm trim


Embroidered metallic lines and droplets onto Ombrè Tussah silk

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