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Jessica Jubelirer - Where Artistry Meets Nature and Craftsmanship

Named a 2023 New American Voice by Architectural Digest, Jessica Jubelirer is a visionary designer whose passion for artistry led to the creation of an enchanting lake house project. Inspired by diverse influences, from Americana Folklore to mid-century Swedish design, Jessica crafted a cosy home that pays homage to the decorative arts.

Nature played a significant role in shaping the project, surrounded by a serene forest and nestled by a tranquil lake. Collaborating with Fromental, renowned artisans, Jessica brought the outdoors inside with custom wallpapers, capturing the property's flora and fauna in intricate hand-painted designs.

For those seeking timeless beauty and craftsmanship, Jessica recommends Fromental's bespoke wallpapers, a perfect partner in bringing any project to life.

Experience the magic of a lake home designed by Jessica Jubelirer, where creativity, nature, and craftsmanship converge to create an extraordinary home. Read the full interview to be inspired by this captivating collaboration.

Photographed by Douglas Friedman and styled by Mieke ten Have

What inspired you initially for the lake house project?

For this project, I was asked to create a home that was inspired by artistry. This finely-detailed home was five years in the making and now serves as the homebase for a family who spent time living abroad and shares a deep appreciation for beautiful craftsmanship and history. As detailed by Architectural Digest in a feature about this home, we sought inspiration from a myriad of periods and mixed a variety of references, from classic Americana Folklore, to Portuguese traditions and mid-century Swedish textile design, resulting in a final product that is cosy while also paying homage to decorative arts. 

Nature was a significant inspiration for this project; the home is surrounded by forest and located on a serene lake. Every space in this home is born from layers upon layers of imagination, and the guestroom is no different; we were ready to embark on a room inspired by nature and a colour palette derived from the sprawling grounds of this special country estate. For the guest room and mudroom spaces, we collaborated with Fromental to create custom wallpaper that takes cues from the surrounding property designed by the renowned landscape architect Piet Oudolf.

How does Fromental's craftsmanship and attention to detail enhance the overall look and feel of the space? What made us the perfect partner for this project?

The world-class artisans behind Fromental’s designs allowed us to incorporate unique references for the project that are particular to the family and their home, taking cues from the creatures and wildlife that can be found throughout the special property. Although the mudroom and guest bedroom spaces both use botanical wallcoverings, Fromental’s artisans hand-painted each design so that each room embodies a completely distinct spirit. For the guestroom, we knew we wanted a wallpaper with a significant scale that could carry the volume of the room (including the special cupula!), all balanced by modern lines, forms of furniture and soft textures for textiles.

With our shared values, Fromental was a natural partner for this project given the exquisite artistry inherent to Fromental’s designs; this encouraged my client and me to embrace our shared love of history and craftsmanship. The hand-painted nature of Fromental’s bespoke botanical wallpapers speaks to the creative process that fueled this project and reflects the imaginative spirit of the family.

Could you tell us about the significance of choosing Spring Fever from Timothy Corrigan, with its floral and insect motifs, for the guest bedroom?

For the colourful, light, and airy guest room, we chose to work with Timothy Corrigan’s Spring Fever because it provided a delightful starting point that captured the essence of the property surrounding this home. We were then able to customise it with our own colour palette and add in the caterpillars, butterflies, flora, and fauna that can be found in the family’s beloved garden. Spring Fever captured and reflected the abundant wonder and energy of the natural world indigenous to a lakeside setting. The result was something totally unique to this family that created the enchanting feeling of being perched in a secret treehouse. Through my work, I love incorporating different elements to create a fresh and unexpected mix. For balance in the guest room, the traditional hand-painted method of the wallpaper meets the clean lines of a lucite daybed and the unexpected texture of a mohair rug, all creating an equilibrium where every element speaks to each other.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for those considering using this wallpaper in their own projects?

Fromental’s approach to wallpaper is very special, pushing the boundaries of traditional wallpaper creation with their extraordinary processes of customization. The result is always timeless and one of a kind, and Fromental is the perfect partner for those with a deep appreciation for artisans, craftsmanship, and beauty.

When working with Fromental, and their exceptional craftsmen, you are in the hands of a trusted partner who will create a result that is beautiful and unique. Fromental wallcoverings help tell stories and reveal the spirit of any project.

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Spring Fever in Tulip Leaf

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