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“Oh! J’aime l’argent” Paris Deco Off

We’re thrilled for 2023. Kicking off at Paris Déco Off, we’ve shown some beautiful new designs and techniques to excite and inspire.

By toning the colours down, the ones that came to visit could appreciate the details in the craftsmanship and the tailoring of the design elements. It was a wonderful week and we’re happy we could share it with you.
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Fromental x Marta Sala Éditions - “Flamand” armchairs. The Flamand chair was the center piece that gave the theme for the entire show!

At Déco Off in 2022, Fromental showcased their first foray into needlepoint, our beautiful Moderna tapestry. This caught the eye of Marta Sala, and we started exploring the idea of collaborating on a piece.

The needlepoint covering on the Flamant chair, with its turned joints and twisting arms, is inspired by the French abstract ceramics and tapestries of the 1960s. Upholstered in a combination of wool and lurex, the chair is available in two almost mirrored imaged designs, created to work both separately or as a pair. It underlines our profound commitment to offering pieces of true value and high-quality manufacture. Armchair designed by Federico Peri and the upholstery by Lizzie Deshayes.

Moderne Tapestry

Our Moderne collection is a paean to the bold, quirky, folksy pottery coming out of the French town of Vallauris in the 1960s and 70s. Here we have reimagined the joyously abstract forms associated with this period of ceramics as a large-scale tapestry wall hanging.

Naturally we could not resist using shimmering silver lurex threads to contrast with the wonderful natural tones of undyed wool.

When weaving at scale one is forced to use wool from several dye batches, which will vary somewhat in colour. We have encouraged our embroiderers to embrace these natural variations with open arms. Not only does this ‘no waste’ approach add life to the finished tapestry, but it also makes each piece unique.

Rain in “Virga” (Cocktail Room)

We invite you to come closer on this new design by Fromental. Hand embroidered in metallic threads, of silver and platinum, the vertical rain, dissolves into delicate droplets, and evaporates before it touches the ground. This elegant and understated design sits on a soft ombré silk, gradated from taupe to natural ivory. The room has a feeling of quieteness after a storm.

Folly in “Argyros” (Main Living room)

Fromental continuously revisits and re-imagines their classic collections. Our “Folly” chinoiserie, usually presented in bold and rich colours, was stripped back to its mere outlines and free-hand painted in raised molten silver outlines on a metallic wash silk background, creating a shimmering and liquid mercury effect as the gaze travels across this panoramic design.

This richness of detail means there’s always something new to notice, whether it’s the way the birds interact with one another or the textural contrast between the many types of plant. For this reason, Folly is particularly successful in rooms where there is lots of open space, allowing you to admire the full scenic.
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Babinda in “Newton” (Study)

Inspired by the rectilinear nature of mathematical graphs, Babinda’s hand-painted and embroidered asymmetrical crosses and lines create a strong yet delicate design. The soft, Pebble Silk background hosts embroidery in shades of mauve and silver with hand-painted highlights in platinum.

Babinda’s chic rectilinear layout is the perfect backdrop for hanging artworks.
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Goldoni in “Dawn Song” (bedroom)

The glorious light of dawn, with the last of the night’s stars still just visible, made this one of the most admired rooms at Paris Déco Off 2023. This soft and warm wallcovering, in hand-painted and hand-tooled velvet, gradates from a soft apricot to a delicate blue. Brushed with metallic paint and finished with silver embroidered French knots.

It’s the beginning of a fresh new day full of wonders and possibilities.
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