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Through the centuries, flame stitch – in its various shapes, scales and colours – has been expressed in many mediums, from embroidery to needlepoint. It has always injected a flamboyant and dynamic visual punch to an interior.

We have reinterpreted this fabric, a joyful renaissance favourite, as a vibrant and modern wallcovering, using hundreds of brushstrokes to mimic the individual stitches. These are then rendered in print on our cartridge paper.



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SKU CODE: Z025-05

STANDARD: Printed Cartridge paper

REPEAT: 736mm



All our printed designs originate as hand-painted, full-scale works of art. We scan the completed paintings in super-high resolution before preparing them for print.

It’s a meticulous process, and we take great care to retain all of the attributes that made the original piece so special: paying particular attention to capturing the nuances in the brushwork that bring so much energy and character to the hand-painted original. Focusing on these minute details is how we make sure our printed products have the same integrity as our handmade wallcoverings.

Each panel is 36” (915mm) wide

First measure the width of the wall or the full perimeter of the room.

Divide this width by the panel width which is 36” (panel_width).

There is a minimum order of four panels.

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