Los Alamos in Datura

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Los Alamos is a luxuriant, graphic, stylised scenic depicting the vivid fauna of California. Bold painted colours provide a striking contrast with the sophisticated silk grounds.

This mid-century style paradise will furnish any room with interest and whimsy.

Datura’s palette emphasises the flowing, calligraphic style of the painted lines, which stand forward against the background of White Silk. Highlights in taupe and gold lend a sumptuous feel.


Los Alamos

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SKU CODE: F012-01

STANDARD: Hand Painted Dyed silk with paper backing

REPEAT: Non-Repeating



Each painted panel begins its life as a length of raw silk which we size with a natural adhesive so that it receives paint without bleeding. We often brush the silk with iridescent pearl washes to add further lustre before backing with traditional rice paper. This forms the extraordinary canvas on which our artists work their magic.

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