Magnolia in Smoked Pearl

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The delicate beauty of the magnolia tree represents femininity and purity in traditional Chinese art.

Our Magnolia design is a confident statement of refined elegance. The soft, organic brushstrokes of our ‘unconscious’ painting style emulate the natural beauty of the magnolia tree, while the touches of hand-embroidery truly bring the blossoms to life.

Whereas the trees in designs such as Prunus feature some sideways movement, Magnolia is quite vertical, making it perfect for situations where you wish to emphasise a feeling of height.

Pretty blossoms fade naturally from soft pink to white on our Graphite Silk background, while the metallic hues of the trunk and branches capture the light beautifully.



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SKU CODE: E012-01

STANDARD: Hand Painted and Hand Embroidered Dyed silk with paper backing

REPEAT: Non-Repeating



Hand Painted and Hand Embroidered Dyed silk with paper backing

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