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Fromental X Adam Hunter | A Sky Full Of Stars and Clouds

Broadway star turned dynamic interior designer, Adam Hunter, is known these days as taste-maker to LA's elite. And after working with Adam on a number of projects over the years, a wallcovering design collaboration seemed a natural and irresistible next step.

Our friendship was cemented during 2020's Covid-19 lockdowns. The starry night's sky felt particularly poignant at a time when we were craving an escape route, and so the basis of our first two creations; Stardust and Clement, were formed. This month we caught up with Adam and posed a few questions about the creative process.

How did your relationship with Fromental reach collaboration status?

My relationship with Fromental evolved naturally from a mutual respect and admiration for each other's work. Initially, I was a customer, using their beautiful hand-painted wallpapers in my designs.

Over time, we began having more in-depth conversations about design philosophies, and these shared values and ideas led to the possibility of a collaboration. They appreciated my understanding of the intricate design process, and I admired their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. It was a natural fit.

Stardust, an abstract rendering of a starry night's sky, was the first design to join the collection. How does it make you feel and what does it remind you of?

Stardust is very dear to me. Every time I look at it, I am filled with a sense of awe and tranquility, much like the feeling you get when you gaze up at a clear, star-filled night sky.

It reminds me of childhood summer nights spent outdoors, looking up at the stars, dreaming about the endless possibilities of the universe. The design encapsulates this whimsical sense of wonder and exploration.

How could you envisage Stardust being incorporated in your client's homes?

Stardust is versatile and can be incorporated into any space to add a touch of magic. It could be a stunning backdrop in a living room, adding depth and interest to the space. Or it could be used in a bedroom, where it would bring a calming, dream-like quality to the environment.

For a more dramatic effect, it could even be used on a ceiling, transforming the room into a celestial dome. It could also be used in a club or restaurant. We have used this design for a media room in Sag Harbour in the Hamptons.

Clement, the second design and Stardust's day-time counterpart, is available is two subdued colourways.

What drew you to this palette?

Both colourways evoke the feeling of a calm, serene day. The softer palette is meant to illustrate the natural, diffused light of the morning or late afternoon.

I was drawn to these colors because they are soothing and relaxing, but also because they provide a sense of balance and contrast to the more dramatic Stardust design.

Do you have any tips for those considering using this wallpaper in their own projects?

I would advise starting with the wallpaper as the base of your design — and don't be afraid to pair it with a bold or bright piece.

Remember, good lighting is crucial to truly bring out the depth and richness of the design.

And finally, can you tell us something we don’t know about the collection?

Something that people may not know about the collection is that each design was inspired by natural elements and took months of meticulous planning, sketching, and reworking before reaching the final product during the pandemic!

Both Stardust and Clement were designed to inspire a sense of wonder and tranquility in your home, transforming your space into a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to bring the outdoors in.

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