Clef des Champs

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Clef des Champs captures the feeling of wandering through a field of wildflowers, with bees, butterflies and field mice joining in the fun.

The name translates as “the key to the fields”, unlocking the joyful calm of a summer’s day.

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Clef des Champs

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SKU CODE: F025H-01
STANDARD: Hand Painted Dyed silk with paper backing
REPEAT: 4 Panels

Each painted panel begins its life as a length of raw silk which we size with a natural adhesive so that it receives paint without bleeding. We often brush the silk with iridescent pearl washes to add further lustre before backing with traditional rice paper. This forms the extraordinary canvas on which our artists work their magic.

Our artists are masters of traditional Chinese painting and work in teams to meticulously plan out each room before slowly building up the many layers of detail and colour. To achieve intensity and shade, the artist will blend hues, often using two brushes simultaneously.

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