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Our collaboration with French crystal house Lalique, Hirondelles is a range of handcrafted silk wallcoverings expertly hand-painted and finely embroidered by our master craftspeople to cleverly incorporate Lalique crystal.

Hirondelles, the first of the series, is a highly decorated chinoiserie adorned with Lalique Hirondelles (swallows) and dahlias in satin finish crystal.

The design has a silk background brushed with pearl that mimics the soft shimmer of frosted crystal. The flowers are a mixture of hand-painted and fully embroidered, which gives them a sense of movement, depth and growth.



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SKU CODE: LQ-001-01

STANDARD: Hand Painted and Hand Embroidered Dyed silk with paper backing

REPEAT: Non-Repeating



Each painted panel begins its life as a length of raw silk which we size with a natural adhesive so that it receives paint without bleeding. We often brush the silk with iridescent pearl washes to add further lustre before backing with traditional rice paper. This forms the extraordinary canvas on which our artists work their magic.

For our embroidery, we use unspun silk floss, which in its un-dyed state is so fine as to be almost invisible to the naked eye. It is dyed by hand in small batches, and our embroiderers have thousands of shades at their disposal. It is not uncommon for an embroiderer to work with six tones of the same colour, which he or she will carefully combine to create subtle shifts in hue.

All our embroidery takes place in Suzhou, China. This remarkable city was the birthplace of silk over 4700 years ago and remains the silk capital of the world.

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