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Aldous Huxley, in his 1954 masterpiece “The Doors of Perception,” eloquently captured the mesmerising essence of gems and jewellery, celebrating their spiritual and almost otherworldly allure. His insight into the enigmatic beauty of these natural wonders and their artistic transformation highlights an intersection of nature and art that resonates deeply within the world of interior design.

This very intersection is where we find our inspiration, particularly in the pioneering works of Andrew Grima, the Anglo-Italian visionary known as the father of modern jewellery. Grima’s unique approach to design—a blend of raw, natural beauty and sophisticated artistry—has left an indelible mark on our creative ethos.

Our latest creation, Molten in the Huxley colourway, is directly inspired by a midcentury ring by Andrew Grima, a piece that is not only a part of our co-founder Lizzie’s personal collection but also a source of continuous inspiration. Our work masterfully reinterprets the brutalist yet natural aesthetic of the ring’s design, where each stroke and texture evokes the raw, unpolished beauty of nature.

Our choice of medium further enhances the allure of Molten. The design is handpainted on a luxurious Woodbine silk/linen mix, ensuring each piece is as unique as it is elegant. The warm gold foiling interplays with green Japanese glass beads, symbolising emeralds, creating a piece that is both a visual and tactile delight. Molten is a celebration of timeless elegance and a testament to the transformative power of art in interior spaces. It invites a discerning eye to explore the fusion of natural beauty with artistic expression.



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STANDARD: Hand foiled and embellished on silk with paper backing

REPEAT: Non-Repeating

PANEL WIDTH: 915mm/36"


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