Raineri in Pavone

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Raineri is a custom, hand-painted Chinoiserie wallcovering inspired by the designs of Carlo Antonio and Vittorio Raineri, who worked in Lombardy and Liguria in the late 18th century.

A collaboration with designer Eric Egan, the design invokes the Lombardy style of cosmopolitan and exotic Neoclassicism.

A particularly bold take on a traditional Chinoiserie, Raineri features hawks and eagles among the boldly rendered flowering trees. Striking colours and intricate detailing characterise this remarkable design.



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SKU CODE: K050-02
STANDARD: Printed Tea Paper

Our handmade tea paper has a raw quality akin to materials used in the 18th century. The paper is dipped in colour, and subsequently worn and brushed to create an anitqued effect. This forms the extraordinary canvas on which our artists work their magic.

Our artists are masters of traditional Chinese painting and work in teams to meticulously plan out each room before slowly building up the many layers of detail and colour. To achieve intensity and shade, the artist will blend hues, often using two brushes simultaneously.

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