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Unveiling The New Gilded Age: Fromental's Exquisite Paris Déco Off 2024

In the heart of Paris, where creativity and design seamlessly entwine, Fromental proudly presented a collection of unique gold wallcoverings. Welcome to "The New Gilded Age" (Le nouvel âge doré) showcased at this year's Paris Déco Off 2024.

This edition stands as our most dazzling to date, celebrating the exceptional skills of artisans and questioning the essence of luxury. Four distinctive wallcoverings weave a symphony of craftsmanship, harmonising everyday materials like paint, ink, and glass with opulent silk, velvet, and gold. Our wallcoverings shimmered with elegance, adding an artistic touch to each room. From the living room to the vestibule, every space was a canvas for creativity and design excellence.

Our journey begins in the living room adorned with the Haiku design in the enchanting Buronzu colourway. Inspired by traditional Japanese screens from the Momoyama period, this design brings to life the vibrant artistry of that era.

Created in collaboration with the talented Eric Egan, Haiku's essence flows with vitality, balance, and harmony. The Bronze Metallic Tea Paper backdrop sets the stage for a dance of flora and fauna, paying homage to the rich history of Japanese art.

The layout has a palpable sense of movement: the trees swaying, the water surging, the cranes poised for flight. And the presence of ancient Chinese motifs—The Three Friends of Winter (pine, bamboo and plum) and The Four Gentlemen (bamboo, plum, orchid and chrysanthemum)—acknowledge China’s profound influence on Japanese art.
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Stepping into the vestibule is like entering a world inspired by the mesmerising allure of gems and jewellery.

Inspired by a midcentury ring crafted by Andrew Grima, Molten in the Huxley colourway transcends mere aesthetic—it's a living testament to our co-founder Lizzie's personal collection, an endless source of inspiration. Our artistic journey skilfully reimagines the brutalist yet natural features of the ring, with each stroke and texture capturing the raw, unpolished beauty of nature.

The choice of medium enhances Molten's allure. Hand-painted on a luxurious Woodbine silk/linen blend, each piece exudes unparalleled uniqueness and elegance. The warm gold foiling, adorned with green Japanese glass beads symbolizing emeralds, transforms Molten into a sensory delight—a masterpiece that captivates both the eyes and fingertips.
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Sophisticated, graphic, and highly decorative gold wallcovering, Kiku Garden is inspired by Japanese art and Europe’s enduring fascination with it. Similar to our Kiku wallcovering—with boldly rendered chrysanthemums, the block colouring—but forgoes the crisp, screen-printed borders of the original.

Kiku Garden comes to life through the perfect blend of inspiration from a 19th-century French vase and the captivating works of Ōi, Hokusai’s daughter, all envisioned by Lizzie's creative vision. This design seamlessly weaves together Japanese and European influences. The Hyogo colourway, with its warm bronze tones, invites you into a realm adorned with emerald, jade, teal, and deep olive green hues.
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The dining room comes alive with the sumptuous presence of Equus in the rich Bay colourway. The sleek essence of a thoroughbred's hide captured through innovative wet/dry methods, adorned with dark brown hues and intricate gold embroidery.

Equus isn't just a fabric; it's a narrative woven in threads of luxury and style, inviting connoisseurs to indulge in a sensory journey.
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To everyone who visited and became a part of this celebration, we are beyond grateful for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to Paris Déco Off 2024.

For those who missed the chance, fear not! You can still experience the allure of 'The New Gilded Age' by exploring the detailed stories behind each design on our video.

Images by Valerio Geraci and video by Rory Langdon-Down.

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